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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  December 31, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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this is the scene at times square in new york. we are just about one hour away now. here in washington, new year's eve partyers are dealing with a wet night. bob is in the storm center with the latest on what to expect. >> that has been posted as a precaution. our temperature here in washington, 36 degrees. they are not party poopers at the weather service. there are some spots still, as you can see with a little bit of leftover sprinkles that moved through the area. look the at local temperatures. everything is above freezing. visibility is about 1.5 miles, 2
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miles. as we go through the night hours, everything is freezing. there could be localized iciness. out of the weekend, you wait. i'm going to tell you about that. >> tonight, the cia is at the center of headlines world wooitd. as investigators work to determine how a suicide bomber could be misunderstood he is invited on base, we'll see about the lives taken. >> reporter: we know the attack was care youred out by a
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uniformed officer. the suspect walked into the gym and decimated a suicide 0 vest. he killed seven krafrm employees. president obama honored the dead saying these brave americans were among a long line of patriots who made a great sacrifice. the united states would not be able to maintain the freedom and security without the men and women from the cia. the agency declined to talk about the work. one of the victims is survived by his wife and three children.
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>> the kids are some of the nicest kids. it the's just really a shame people all over the world are missing their loved ones at a time when they should be enjoying one another. >> in langley, virginia, flags fly at half-staff. no word on funeral or memorial service. a man accused of trying to blow up a plane on christmas day has ties to the ft. hood assassin. a classified rept se to president obama reveals u.s.
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agencies have enough intelligence to prevent the attack. pilots are upset they weren't warn after the attempted attack. >> there were 3,500 flights airborne over the united states at the time. who can guarantee there wasn't another event to happen. five men with ties to the washington area detained in pakistan could spend the rest of their lives behind bars there. the men were arrested with suspicion this month trying to link up with al qaeda. police say they are certain the men wanted to carry out the attacks at pakistan. one was a student at howard
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student. judge. >> 38-year-old charles embry was released after being shot in the leg yesterday. deputy thomas leak was stabbed in the face and remains hospitalized in fairfax county. phillips was about to face a judge on bank robbery charges. police are fanned out across our area tonight in efforts to prevent drunk driving accidents. there are plenty of new year's events without alcohol. craig melvin is live at first night in alexandra. >> where is your tux? >> reporter: i left it in the
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truck. folks are gearing up for that fireworks display at midnight. at the gaylord hotel they showed up to party early. some dressed to the nines. katie made the drive there pittsburgh to ring in the new year. she has big plans. >> i'm graduating from college. that will be exciting. >> reporter: mike threw a small new year's party in 1988. revelers hit 12 small parties. there willing bands and a
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casino. >> it is a chance to take a deep breath. look forward. >> reporter: more than 6,300 will bring in 2010 at the gaylord. more spread out and a lot wetter. >> it's terrible, but it's not ice. >> reporter: what will you miss about 2009? >> nothing. >> reporter: organizers say the rain hurt. it didn't seem to dampen spirit, especially smaller ones. >> happy new year. one night to celebrate and enjoy yourself. >> reporter: police here and around d.c. are reminding folks not to drink and drive. live in alexandria tonight.
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happy new years to you. >> thank you, craig. another sponsor hanging up on tiger woods. two police officers escape serious injuries. what's going on in maryland? in sports, redskins' fan favorite shares his new year's tradition. > l louou: : bbiigg eeasaste
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at&t severed ties with woods after lots of publicity about his marital infidelity. congressional prepares to host u.s. open. at&t paid woods to put his logo
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on his golf bag. rush limbaugh in the hospital in hawaii. the radio talk show host was rushed to honolulu yesterday. a statement from his staff says he is resting comfortably. he is scheduled to return monday. it's not clear how the p hospital stay could affect those plans. one area hospital sees five sets of twins born in a matter of hours.
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2009 is going out in a bang in maryland. five sets of twins were born within 46 hours. the last set of twins showed up at 8:00 a.m. wednesday. five sets of twins would be normal in the span of a month, but in two days it's rare. mothers are making jokes about what's going on. >> what do you think it is? >> i have no idea. >> we'll break the record. >> hospital staff say despite the rush of double births, they were well prepared.
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you're ringing in the new year waiting in tables or what's going on, bob? >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn. i'm sorry, thought you were talking about the wind. winds are light. you won't believe what is coming our way this weekend. outside the good news is above freezing. a few little spots with iciness there. we are closing the books on december with a temperature below average. weed a our average total amount of snow and then some for the winter. five below zero in northern parts of dakotas. really frigid air. the high temperature today in
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bismarck is 10 degrees. sprinkles moving off. overall pattern for the upcoming week into the first part of 2010, frigid air will be coming in. in is what's left of those little sprinkles. new year's eve with that winter weather advisory, there is no accumulation of ice. late tomorrow, cold air will come in with gusty winds. chilly, temperatures here in washington above freezing. folks into montgomery county and loudoun county, 11:00 will be abe freezing.
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that will be the last time we see temperatures into the low to mid 40s for some time. saturday and sunday will be gone withed wind with winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. the coldest air continues into next week. >> happy new year, bob. thanks. still to come, why some area drivers should load up on quarters tomorrow. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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this time of year as a
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sports fan is heaven. >> it is the highlight of my year. there is much time left. moving on to georgetown. last season, st. john beat georgetown twice one week. tonight hoyas had a chance at revenge. georgetown gets the win 56-59. they've g all the head pieces. second half, austin freeman with back-to-back. up the floor. the give-and-go here. geor georgetown. upped floor. the jam. take a look. 44-35, hoyas.
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the give-and-go with big greg mop row. hoyas improved 10-1. new year's eve means time to go bowling. virginia tech scored at loose -- bowl games. they scored at least 36 points. hokies came out firing. ryan williams. the hokies roll over volunteers 37-14. williams has a hug for each of his offensive linemen. missouri watching the ricky
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dobbs show. navy at 14-10 at the half. dobbs pitching to marcus curry from 11 yards out. take a look at this. navy wins 35-13. new year is sure to bring change at redskins park. one player uncertain about his future, casey raubach. thinking about happier things. the polar bear plunge. >> usually bring a lot of jugs of hot water. some people show up in a bikini or a pair of trunks or shoes and some guys catching football.
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you soon as you're done you douse yourself in hot waters or blankets. usually there is liquid persuasion. >> he hasn't done that since he started his career in the nfl. >> thanks. a police officer and a police officer.
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we have dramatic dashboard camera video. a suspected drunk driver plowed into a police car. you can see a car plow into a squad car. the drivers facing numerous charges including dwi. starting tomorrow it will cost more to take the dulles toll road.
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metropolitan washington airport authorities board of directors approved the increase in november.
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the first family took to the movies to celebrate new year's eve today.
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obamas had the theater to themselves. this is the first sighting of the publicrahmly since touching down to honolulu. one more check on our weather tonight. >> one more check is for the weekend coming up. tomorrow, no problems. cold and windy. it's ful-lined. it will be windy and very cold. wind chills monday morning. back to work and back to school. i think it's cold. next week, snow flurries, but no big snowstorms. >> will this rain dissolve the nasty pile of ice? >> to the really. later tonight, watch out for the
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low spots. >> where are you going dancing tonight? >> he's not telling. >> i have a dance partner and my dance card is full. >> he told you. happy new year to you. >> happy new year. >> that's it for us. back to timesquare next for the countdown to 2010. happy safe new year. good night.